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Many recording artists, celebrities and entrepreneurs use professional bodyguards to help them with their security needs. Of course, the number one function of the bodyguard is to protect the recording artist, celebrities and entrepreneurs by any means necessary. Some Celebrity Bodyguards accompany the recording artist everyplace he or she goes which means going to interviews, recording sessions, appearances, meetings, and concerts. The bodyguard also goes out with the artist when he she goes out to clubs, dinner, or to parties and even award shows.

Some bodyguards will even work to make sure the recording artist or entrepreneur is safe in his or her home. Because of the fact that theBodyguard needs to ensure safety at all times, this is not generally a nine-to-five job. Also, individuals who go on tour may be on call 24 hours a day. While you can sometimes pick out a Bodyguard for the crowd, the Celebrity Bodyguard should have the ability to blend into his or her surroundings. With that said, the Bodyguard should also show a physical presence when needed.
The challenge for most Bodyguards? It is finding the balance between protecting the client while letting him or her work and live as normal a life as possible. For example, of the artist or entrepreneur goes to a restaurant for a meal, the Bodyguard needs to decide to either sit at the same table or not, while also deciding if people should be allowed near the client when he or she is dining. The Bodyguardneeds to be on top of his game at all times, alert to potential threats to the artist. If alerted, the Bodyguard needs to be addressed immediately.

Many recording artists with larger homes may use closed-circuit cameras throughout the house and property that need to be monitored on a constant basis, sometimes it is the bodyguard who is expected to monitor these cameras or oversee a staff of other security consultants who handle this task.

Additional responsibilities for the bodyguard might come when the recording artist goes on tour, which include checking out the venue before the artist arrives to have a good idea of where all the entrances and exits are located. He or she must also find the best routes to and from the venue. When the artist takes the stage, the Bodyguard will constantly monitor the audience. Then, after the show, thebodyguard may stay close to the artist while he or she signs autographs and will the rush the artist out of the venue and back to the tour bus or hotel.

Once the artist is back at the hotel, the Bodyguards job is not finished, as he might stand outside the artist's room or stay in an adjoining room to make sure any unauthorized people stay away. To fully protect the artist, Bodyguards often work with local police and other law enforcement agencies.

Sometime, Bodyguards may drive their clients, so he must be aware of suspicious-looking vehicles or those that are driving erratically. To avoid any potential problems, the Bodyguard should know evasive driving techniques. The bodyguard might also be responsible for protecting the artist's family.

Because Bodyguards are always with the recording artist or entrepreneur, they often become confidants, and will see and hear things that the recording artist does not want leaked to the public. So, it is critical that the bodyguard have discretion and keep things confidential, even when faced with lucrative financial deals from tabloids, etc.

To offer extreme physical protection, some Celebrity Bodyguards carry firearms, while others practice various types of martial arts. But, whenever possible, it is in the Bodyguard's best interest to handle situations without violence. They need to also remain professional and realize they were not hired to have fun. The Bodyguard's life can be exciting, glamorous, and rewarding, and most who work in the field would never forfeit the experience.

Now, an artist or entrepreneur prefers a man or woman as a bodyguard?

"There are no barriers between a male and a female, and so also both are advancing in this particular field. Ladies from the entertainment industries and lady politicians' need lady bodyguards as a lady can understand a lady's needs more than anybody else. Therefore, a ladybodyguard is the need of the hour," said Sarita, a lady trainee.

"I can only appoint a lady bodyguard for a lady (celebrity) provided the bodyguard is well trained. I went to various security agencies in search for a lady bodyguard but couldn't find any trained lady bodyguard. Hence, I came with the idea to train ladies myself which will benefit the girls," Talele said.
Both belong to the best security companies in the world.

In short, if you are an artist or entrepreneur ... hire a bodyguard is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The person who needs a bodyguardshould assess in detail the characteristics of them and choose the one that best match your needs. Jed Security provides constant advice and training to interested individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, etc.. Come to us and solve your doubts.

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