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                                                                    SERVICE OF BODYGUARD


Run by professionals in VIP protection, services that allow us to guarantee the safety of VIP executives, at work or participating in important events.

Our staff plans, organizes, implements security plans for individuals and corporate executives giving confidence and reassurance to our customers.

We believe that protection should be something more than accompany the executive. Our staff is trained and qualified to facilitate an manage the activities of  the customer.

We understand the importance of having a convenient and trouble – free environment, important for maximizing the productivity of the company, being discreet is essential to minimize unwanted attention. 

JED SECURITY provides maximum effort to create an environment where customers feel comfortable and safe.

VIP protection requires experts with a high degree of discretion, presence, training, determination and most importantly loyalty, honesty and trust.

Our staff is highly experienced in conducting advance operations and are prepared for unforeseen and unexpected changes.

JED SECURITY has international experience and services are high- level commitments. Our customers can always expect excellence. With its high quality of staff JED SECURITY provides security services first to adhere to its three main principles of the company:

PROFESSIONALISM : We are professional and passionate in providing our services and JED SECURITY integrates customer needs with their extensive knowledge to offer a service specifically tailored to what you request.

DISCRETION:  A throughout the process JED SECURITY maintains absolute confidentiality and discretion, with the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior.

JED PERSONAL SECURITY EXCELLENCE is committed to providing exceptional performance and ambition to achieve personal excellence and to cover all the expectations that you require.

Phone: 00511 622 1000

            00511 976750081